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MPact recovers, recycles, and remarkets surplus and end-of-life electronic equipment and scrap/surplus metal materials for companies of all sizes, from large corporations and government entities, to small mom & pop businesses.


    • Monitors (flat screens)
    • Desktops/ PC’s
    • Laptops
    • Mainframes
    • Servers (any type of Network Equipment)
    • Key Boards
    • Mice
    • Hard Drives, External Drives, Cards & etc.
    • Power and Network Equipment
    • Docking Stations
    • Network Hubs, routers, switches, equipment & devices
    • Modems, Routers
    • Floppy Disks
    • DVD’s
    • CD-ROM

    • Electronic Circuit Boards and Components
    • Switching Boxes
    • Terminals
    • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (personal & network)
    • Fitness Equipment
    • Digital TV Boxes (TIVO, Direct TV & etc.)
    • Musical Equipment (Guitar/Bass Amplifiers, Sound Equipment & Effects, etc)
    • Medical Equipment/Lab Equipment
    • All types of Wires, Cables, Chargers, Cords, Connector’s & Adapters
    • Camera & Video Equipment
    • Toner/Ink Cartridges
    • Batteries
    • Chains
    • Heavy Equipment (welders, compressors, generators)
    • Military Surplus
    • Small hand tools, Large tools
    • Scrap Metals (aluminum, steel, copper, brass)
    • Radar Equipment

    • Flat Screens
    • Plasma
    • LCD


    • Cell Phones
    • Telephones (Home and Office)
    • Desk Phones (including Phone Systems)

    • Copiers (personal & commercial)
    • Printers
    • Toner/Ink Cartridges (contained within the equipment or unit)
    • Fax Machines
    • Scanners
    • Telecom Equipment

    • Microwaves
    • Gaming Consoles
    • Gaming Controllers
    • Small Household Appliances

    • Stereo’s, Speakers
    • Tape Players
    • MP3 Players, Ipods, etc.
    • Radio’s
    • VCR’S, DVD/CD/Blu-Ray Players

  • Unacceptable Items

    • Light Bulbs (HID, fluorescents)
    • TV’s & CRT Monitors (due to lead in glass)
    • Radioactive Materials
    • Pressurized Tanks
    • Fluid-containing Devices
    • Liquids of any kind (including paint)
    • Batteries (Wet, Alkaline)

Why CHOOSE MPact Services, Inc?

MPact Services, Inc is a female-owned business focusing on understanding the needs of each of our clients and working directly and efficiently with them to provide proactive solutions for the removal and recycling of all end-of-life electronic equipment and surplus scrap metal.

Having gained extensive knowledge and experience over several years by working with and learning from the best professionals in the field, we offer our clients over 30 years of combined professional experience with superior customer service in the removal and recycling of obsolete and end-of-life electronics and scrap metal recycling

Our highly trained and efficient team provides comprehensive professional services to meet your specific or unique needs in the removal and responsible disposal of redundant equipment including, but not limited to, your end-of-life electronics/scrap metal recycling to professional consulting in the processing of scrap materials.

MPact Services, Inc was started in March of 2014 as a full service company. Owners of the company, husband and wife team decided that this was the best opportunity to utilize the many years of experience they have gained throughout their previous careers and provide a much needed service within the community.

While our core business is Electronics Recycling, we also provide Consulting and Project Management services along with Disposal of Scrap/Surplus Metals and Obsolete Heavy Equipment.

We feel that our company makes an “MPact” on the community and the environment by providing our neighbors with an environmentally friendly and responsible way to properly dispose of their end-of-life electronics and scrap items. The more material we can recycle and/or repurpose, the more we can lessen the stream of materials that are being sent to our landfills.

We accept most residential electronic items from small appliances to cell phones, as well as commercial type equipment, from laptops to printers. You can find a list of items we can accept listed within our website, which covers a wide range of materials. Please note there are a few items that have been listed as Hazardous Materials that we cannot accept, but can refer you in the appropriate direction for proper disposal. Our services also include complimentary pickup service from your home or business, no matter how large or small, simply by contacting our logistics department and scheduling a time and date for the removal of the material. We also, upon request, provide you with a “Certificate of Recycling” or “Certificate of Destruction” to insure none of your sensitive date is released back into the public.

We also specialize in working with area Homeowner’s Associations and local businesses where we can stage “Electronic Collection Events”. This complimentary service is provided so that residents and employees can drop off their broken/obsolete items without having to travel out of their neighborhood or office complex. Please visit our “Community Events” page to take note of our current and future events! We know that there are many of you who care about the environment as we do, and we hope to provide a safe and responsible outlet for the proper disposal of your end-of-life items.

Please contact our office with any questions your may have or to schedule your neighborhood and/or business collection TODAY!

MPact SERVICES Offered

Read more about these services below.

More ABOUT Our Services

Electronics Recycling

We believe that, where ever possible, recovery is the best environmental solution for end-of-life electronic equipment that contains reusable components.

The first step in the recovery process is to test equipment to determine if parts are functioning and can be reused. If so, we make sure through our partnership affiliates, that any data containing components are sanitized and all information is removed. By reusing parts and remarketing whole products, we can maximize the return on your IT assets and provide new value for old products.

MPact Services remarkets, recovers and recycles every piece of material it receives from the largest industrial printer to the smallest smart phone. The best way to recycle is to give products a second life and MPact Services does this in three different processes, all three reduce the need for mining and keep electronics out of landfills. Whether remarketing, recovering or recycling, you are acting environmentally responsible and creating a cleaner planet for current and future generations.

MPact Services utilizes advanced technology through our partnership affiliates to recover valuable raw materials in electronics and other items containing precious minerals. Electronics contain gold, silver, copper and other precious metals that are in finite supply. Through our partnerships our technology processes these materials down to commodity levels which are then sold to manufacturers for the production of new products, reducing wasteful mining and creating value for our customers.

When it is determined electronics are at their true end-of-life (no longer working, broken, etc.), MPact Services affiliates completely disassembles each unit at one of our processing facilities. Our processing technology harvests the plastics, glass and metals from these units, producing commodity level material which is then transferred to downstream partners-ensuring that no computer ends up in a landfill.

Light & Heavy Equipment Removal

MPact Services provides companies both large and small assistance in the removal and disposal of light and heavy obsolete equipment.

Utilizing specialized tools and equipment in the removal of large, bulky and heavy scrap metal materials, surplus inventory and heavy equipment, we provide a much needed service in the removal of items such as; generators, welders, compressors, and etc.

Our skilled professionals holds specialized licenses and certifications that enables us to move and transport items safely, securely and environmentally. 

IT Asset Management & Recovery

End-of-life electronics hold more value than many people realize. Recovery, a word often used to describe this process, has two completely different meanings – parts and raw material.

Parts Recovery involves salvaging functioning components from otherwise non-working electronics and using them to create a whole product, which can then be given a second life on the market.

Raw Material Recovery refers to plastics, glass, and precious metals that can be sold back to manufacturers for the production of new products, reducing the need for raw material mining and returning value to the consumers.

MPact Services through our partnership alliances, provide the capacity to provide both Parts Recovery and Raw Material Recovery opportunities. 

Data Security for Recycled Electronics

Our clients who may have sensitive data stored on Hard Disc Drives or other data storing devices may request that their items be destroyed rather than be wiped. This assures that no sensitive data may possibly get out into the public. Their items are stored in our secure facility until they are shredded to the point that no sensitive data can be recovered. 

MPact Services through our partnership alliances, provide on-site, ITAD data security mobile hard-drive service. A perfect solution for organizations that require an extra layer of security. A mobile hard drive shredder offers the highest security to meet the most strict government and corporate standards by performing data destruction at your location.

Logistics & Transportation

MPact Services Logistics Team are required to pass background checks, receive regular training, and maintain a professional appearance and demeaner.

MPact Services professional drivers go the extra mile to provide an exceptional customer experience by assisting with packing and palletizing, loading, and anything else that may be required.

By employing a comprehensive, in-house reverse logistics network, MPact Services:

–        Adds additional layers of security to the electronics recycling process.

–        Maximizes efficiency and value for its customer.

–        Relieves customers of the burden of safely transporting its valuable resources.

Electronics Recycling Project Management

With over 30 years of experience in the service industry, MPact Services provides superior skills and knowledge associated with the design and the development of creating a profitable business in the E-waste Recycling Industry. We provide the ability to enter a job site, make an accurate assessment, and develop a plan to complete the project from start to finish within a reasonable time frame and budget.

MPact Services played an instrumental role in the designing, building and the daily operation on multiple Automated Machines used in the destruction, sorting and separation processes associated with electronic and scrap metal recycling.

Electronics Recycling Consulting Services

MPact Services offers a unique service to those interested in pursuing a career in the E-Waste Industry by providing Consulting Services the creation and development to start your own Electronics Recycling Business!

Our Consulting Services offers in-site from starting an electronics recycling business from the ground up, to expanding your existing business. We provide knowledgeable information in the design and installation for automated equipment from air tools, and assembly lines, to the sorting and separation machinery used in processing commodities.

Electronics Brokering Services

MPact Services offers a unique service to companies wanting to dispose of end-of-life electronics by brokering materials directly to the end user.

Many companies are looking to recoup monies associated with their obsolete equipment, so by connecting them with the appropriate buyers we help not only our clients and partners, but we also help in the protection of our environment.

Contact us or call (813) 644-4996 to speak with an MPact Services sales professionals about finding new value in your old equipment.

Scrap Metal Recycling & Reuse

MPact Services is a full-service ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycler and processor. We transport, process and market scrap metal from industrial clients, scrap metal dealers, and individuals.

MPact is committed to protecting our planet’s natural resources. Recycling reduces the need for mining, lowers production costs for metal manufacturers and helps deliver quality metal products. 

Referrals & Testimonials

"Donna, Matt, Thanks for the excellent service you have continued to provide !! When we need things, you go out of your way to provide 😊 Always a pleasure!! Thanks!"
Great Lakes Power
"We have used MPACT Services for approx. 2 years and we have never been happier. We call and they scheduled most times for same day or next day service. They pick-up and remove all Computer / Electronic / Phone equipment in a very professional manner and we receive the Destruction Certificates promptly. I have recommended them to several of our clients as I trust the service they provide and I would Highly recommend them to anyone in need."
Carrie Ansell
Savage Consulting
"Donna and Matt are a pleasure to work with. They are always friendly and accommodating. Would highly recommend for anyone interested in their services" -
Amazon Medical Auctions

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