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MPact Services, Inc was started in March of 2014 as a full service company. Owners of the company, husband and wife team decided that this was the best opportunity to utilize the many years of experience they have gained throughout their previous careers and provide a much needed service within the community.

While our core business is Electronics Recycling, we also provide Consulting and Project Management services along with Disposal of Scrap/Surplus Metals and Obsolete Heavy Equipment.

We feel that our company makes an “MPact” on the community and the environment by providing our neighbors with an environmentally friendly and responsible way to properly dispose of their end-of-life electronics and scrap items. The more material we can recycle and/or repurpose, the more we can lessen the stream of materials that are being sent to our landfills.

We accept most residential electronic items from small appliances to cell phones, as well as commercial type equipment, from laptops to printers. You can find a list of items we can accept listed within our website, which covers a wide range of materials. Please note there are a few items that have been listed as Hazardous Materials that we cannot accept, but can refer you in the appropriate direction for proper disposal. Our services also include complimentary pickup service from your home or business, no matter how large or small, simply by contacting our logistics department and scheduling a time and date for the removal of the material. We also, upon request, provide you with a “Certificate of Recycling” or “Certificate of Destruction” to insure none of your sensitive date is released back into the public.

We also specialize in working with area Homeowner’s Associations and local businesses where we can stage “Electronic Collection Events”. This complimentary service is provided so that residents and employees can drop off their broken/obsolete items without having to travel out of their neighborhood or office complex. Please visit our “Community Events” page to take note of our current and future events! We know that there are many of you who care about the environment as we do, and we hope to provide a safe and responsible outlet for the proper disposal of your end-of-life items.

Please contact our office with any questions your may have or to schedule your neighborhood and/or business collection TODAY!