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Electronics Recycling

We believe that, where ever possible, recovery is the best environmental solution for end-of-life electronic equipment that contains reusable components.

The first step in the recovery process is to test equipment to determine if parts are functioning and can be reused. If so, we make sure through our partnership affiliates, that any data containing components are sanitized and all information is removed. By reusing parts and remarketing whole products, we can maximize the return on your IT assets and provide new value for old products.

MPact Services remarkets, recovers and recycles every piece of material it receives from the largest industrial printer to the smallest smart phone. The best way to recycle is to give products a second life and MPact Services does this in three different processes, all three reduce the need for mining and keep electronics out of landfills. Whether remarketing, recovering or recycling, you are acting environmentally responsible and creating a cleaner planet for current and future generations.

MPact Services utilizes advanced technology through our partnership affiliates to recover valuable raw materials in electronics and other items containing precious minerals. Electronics contain gold, silver, copper and other precious metals that are in finite supply. Through our partnerships our technology processes these materials down to commodity levels which are then sold to manufacturers for the production of new products, reducing wasteful mining and creating value for our customers.

When it is determined electronics are at their true end-of-life (no longer working, broken, etc.), MPact Services affiliates completely disassembles each unit at one of our processing facilities. Our processing technology harvests the plastics, glass and metals from these units, producing commodity level material which is then transferred to downstream partners-ensuring that no computer ends up in a landfill.